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European CustomerExperience Organization
European Customer Experience Organization

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About Us

We seek to bring together leaders and organizations, operating in Europe, so that they can share knowledge, best practice, insights, stories and lessons with a view to raising the collective experience.

A Big Thanks

A massive thank you to our pioneering and future Ambassadors, members, sponsors and supporters. Together we will build a community of leaders and organizations that are committed to working and evolving together to raise the collective customer and employee experience across Europe.

Why Should You Join Us?

When you join you will...

  • Become an integral part of a European experience focused private, professional social network.
  • Get to build your knowledge and professional brand in the CX domain.
  • Build, maintain and manage a network of CX focused professionals.
  • Be encouraged to share your knowledge but you'll also be able to access information and data that helps you be more effective at what you do.
  • Be invited to participate in curated and facilitated discussions.
  • Have a chance to discuss topics that are challenging your leadership, board and employees so that you are better equipped to find practical solutions.
  • Be able to attend exclusive online and offline learning and networking events.
  • Get a chance to much, much more as we develop the community.

Come on in!